To become a member of the Massachusetts Dental Hygienists Association (MDHA), and in turn the component in your area, you need to join the American Dental Hygienists' Association, (ADHA). With membership in ADHA each hygienist is also a member of their state constituent and local component. ADHA dues are $241.00; this includes dues for MDHA and the local component.

The benefits of belonging to all three Associations afford you the opportunity to be part of the only organization looking out for your interests in the education and legislative arenas. Explained in further detail on the Benefits page, as a member you receive the Journal of Dental Hygiene, our peer-reviewed research journal , Access , another publication from ADHA and the MDHA quarterly newsletter, The Bulletin. Membership in MDHA also affords you numerous educational opportunities at a discounted cost. Continuing education is available through ADHA meetings and The Center of Lifelong Learning; courses are also available at The Conference sponsored by MDHA; and through your local component. Additional benefits of membership include the availability of malpractice insurance, discounted travel and credit opportunities with the ADHA credit card.

You can fill out the ADHA application by clicking here.

What are the benefits of membership?
Membership will provide each hygienist appropriate access to information regarding dental hygiene practice here in Massachusetts and in other states; continuing education at a discount; employment opportunities; professional contacts; leadership opportunities; recognition and an opportunity to vote on changes within ADHA and MDHA. Read more

What is expected of me if I join?
Nothing is expected of an individual member, although the greatest benefit from membership will come from your participation at meetings; and contributing ideas and skills to the progression of your profession via this professional association.

I only want to be a member of MDHA and my local component, is that possible?
No, I am sorry, but membership to the state constituent and the local component come directly from membership in our national association, the American Dental Hygienists' Association.

Where can I find out about dental hygiene licensure?
The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Dentistry, located at 239 Causeway St., Boston, MA 02114; (phone- 617 727-0084), is where you will find information on licensure requirements, local anesthesia and continuing education guidelines.
This is also where you will submit address and name changes.

Other state boards can be found through the ADHA web site

How can I contact the component that I live in?
All component contact information is listed on our web site under components or you can contact MDHA at 1-800 MASS-DHA.

How can I find out about MDHA's annual meeting?
Our annual meeting, The Conference, is held over one weekend in September. The Conference offers continuing education courses, hospitality and networking opportunities for all who attend. During this weekend, we also host our House of Delegates meeting and elect new Execuitive Officers. Keep checking this website for updated information or contact our President.